As engineers we are ready to apply our analytical skills to assignments beyond the typical work of civil engineers. Since our founding we have supported small to medium special purpose districts,
cities and towns as their “staff engineer”. In that capacity we have provided elected officials and their staff with general operational, organizational and technical support.

General Consulting

CHS’ experience goes beyond just “engineering.” As engineers, by nature and training we are critical, analytical thinkers and can use those skills to support a broader range of needs than just the core work of engineering.

  • Financing plan
  • Local, state or federal permit approval
  • Grant and loan programs
  • Critical path scheduling



  • District or City/Town Engineer general services
  • Developer extension procedures and manual preparation
  • Developer extension agreement administration
  • Policy review and/or development
  • Annexations review and support
  • Interlocal agreement development
  • Franchise agreement development
  • Public meeting facilitation, formal or informal
  • Operation and management planning
  • Emergency response planning


  • Review and update of annual capital improvement programs
  • General review of system finances
  • Simple system rate studies
  • Connection charge development
  • Parity certificates
  • Excise tax refund studies
  • Review of potential financing programs
  • Grant and loan applications
  • Local improvement district formation


  • SEPA checklist preparation
  • SEPA threshold determination support
  • Right of way use permits
  • Zoning and shoreline utility permits
  • Critical areas permits