Alderwood Clearview Pipeline Project – Segment 2

Owner/Client: Alderwood Water and Wastewater District

Chris Schumacher, P.E., Project Engineer

CHS Engineers provided construction management and daily inspection for the final phase of construction of the Clearview Water Supply Project. This phase, known as the Alderwood Clearview Pipeline Project-Segment 2 consisted of the installation of approximately 11,000 linear feet of 16-inch and approximately 5,100 linear feet of 12-inch water main and appurtenances. The water line alignment paralleled the Seattle City Light right-of-way, requiring pipeline grounding mats and joint bonding along segments of the pipeline. The construction management included coordination with multiple utilities, government agencies and property owners for construction within 37 individual easements. The pipeline was installed through several wetlands and under SR 524, requiring a 60-foot jack and bore steel casing. In addition, portions of the water line were constructed on 35% slopes across a 60-foot ravine, requiring the use of restrained joints. The construction cost of the project was approximately $1.76 million. The scope of this project included constructability review, full-time inspection and construction management including the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Processing pay estimates
  • Daily inspection reports
  • Coordinating with property owners
  • Conducting weekly construction meetings
  • Coordinating with major utilities during construction including Seattle City Light and Bonneville Power Administration electric transmission lines and high pressure gas lines.
  • Review of all Contractor shop drawing submittals
  • Processing requests for information
  • Coordinating design changes with the design engineer
  • Providing redlines of as-builts to the design engineer
  • Coordinating compaction testing
  • Processing change orders

Segment 2 is the only phase of the project in which CHS Engineers was involved. Segment 2 is the only phase out of four phases of this project to come in on time and within budget.

Design in 2003, Construction 2004-2005
CHS Staff:
Tom Partanen, P.E., Project Manager
Darrel Frame, P.E., Project Engineer
David Jensen, Senior Inspector

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