Below Ground Water Systems Drinking Water Hydraulic Model Analysis


Owner: Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM)

Client: AHBL Inc., Tacoma, WA

CHS updated the water models for both the Fort Lewis and McChord Field potable water systems, presently existing as two separate models. Project work tasks included:

  • Conversion of the McChord Field hydraulic model into WaterGems compatible input piles.
  • Review of available as-built records, pumping and water-use records.
  • Perform approximately 200 fire hydrant flow tests throughout both systems to record static and residual pressures and available fire flow which was then used to calibrate and verify the accuracy of the hydraulic models.
  • Update of the physical parameters of the hydraulic files to incorporate the latest system construction and current water demands.
  • Development of current water demands for peak and average summer and winter water demands.
  • Development and analysis of various flow scenarios including peak summer and winter flow conditions as well as residential, commercial and industrial fire situations.
  • Preparation of a Water System Deficiency Report for each water system indicating possible system shortcomings or areas which do not provide minimum required fire flows.
  • Preliminary design and analysis of a JBLM Reuse water system including preliminary system layout, pipe sized and printout analyses.

Analysis/Updates 2011-2012
CHS Staff:
Evan Henke, P.E., Principal-in-Charge
Thomas Partanen, P.E., Project Manager
Eli Zehner, P.E., Project Engineer
Josh Korakis, Technician

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