Lift Station Rehabilitations

Owner: City of Edmonds

Client: Jamie Hawkins, Capital Projects Manager

CHS provided Public Works Trust Fund application cost estimates, pre-design, design, construction support and construction inspection services for the rehabilitation of 5 wet well/dry well and 4 submersible lift stations. CHS oversaw managed design and coordination with electrical, corrosion control, structural, geotechnical and control systems sub-consultants for the following work:

  • Replacement of 5 solids handling pump systems and 4 grinder pump systems.
  • Steel pin pile foundation design at one location due to poor soils.
  • Upgrades of existing controls and SCADA system.
  • Close coordination with property owners for easement acquisition for construction and access to sites with limited access and small footprints.
  • Work on permanent sewer easements in close vicinity of Puget Sound.
  • Blowers for 5 dry wells.
  • Galvanic cathodic protection system and an impressed current cathodic protection system for 2 steel dry wells.
  • Coordination with Snohomish County PUD for completing power service modifications to all 9 lift stations.
  • Replacement of 4 existing standby generators.
  • Replacement of 306 LF of 4-inch cast iron force main and 1163 LF of 4-inch AC force main with HDPE by pipe bursting.
  • Installation of 356 LF of 2– and 6-inch HDPE by horizontal directional drilling to replace force main, electrical conduit casing and water service casing.
  • Slip lining approximately 755 LF of 8-inch CI force main with 6-inch HDPE.
  • Replacement of approximately 256 LF of 4-inch DI water main.

Pre-design 2010-2011, Design 2011-2012, Construction 2012-2013
CHS Staff:
Rodney Langer, P.E., Project Manager
Darrel Frame, P.E., Project Engineer
Craig Christensen, P.E., Design Engineer

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