Seattle Avenue I-5 Crossing

Owner: Lakewood Water District

Client: Randy Black, General Manager and Ian Black, Superintendent

A pre-design study examined options for providing increased water service to the Springbrook Area bordering Interstate 5 in the City of Lakewood.  The preferred option and current design consists of co-locating water mains with a sewer main within an existing Pierce County steel casing crossing below Interstate 5. Design challenges include maintaining sewer flows during construction (bypass), separation of water and sewer facilities, and installation of multiple fused PVC pipelines within a constrained casing. Project was constructed in 2016 and is operational.

Predesign 2012, Design 2014, Construction 2015/16
CHS Staff:
Scott Christensen, P.E., Principal-in-Charge
Eli Zehner, P.E., Project Manager
Mary Dahl, P.E., Project Manager
Craig Christensen, P.E., Design Engineer

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