South 125th Street Easement Water Main Replacement

Owner: King County Water District No. 20

Client: Dick Swaab, General Manager

King County Water District No. 20 had concerns with an aging, non-restrained cast iron pipe on a steep slope with moderate landslide potential. As a proactive measure to protect its infrastructure King County Water District No. 20 created the South 125th Street Easement Water Main Replacement project. The project included the replacement of aging, non-restrained, 8” cast iron pipe with approximately 1250’ of 8” restrained joint pipe, six water services and three fire hydrants.

A portion of the installation took place on private property within the City of Burien (South 125th St. easement and existing parking lot) and a portion took place in a vegetated easement on a steep slope within the City of Tukwila. Aspect Consulting provided geotechnical analysis as the City of Tukwila mapped the steep slope as a moderate landslide hazard area. Tree removal and right-of-way permits were obtained from the City of Tukwila. A “Building” permit was obtained from the City of Burien for work on King County Housing Authority property.

In order to obtain Rights-of-Entry and revised easements, the project team worked closely with King County Housing Authority and a local business specializing in “Data Storage” that relied extensively on continual water service for its operations and fire protection. CHS services included survey, engineering design, permitting and bid and construction support.

The engineering was $62,600 and the construction bid was $327,262.65.

Design – Spring – Summer 2014, Construction – Fall 2014.
CHS Staff:
Rodney Langer, P.E., Principal
Eli Zehner, P.E., Project Manager
Bryce Bessette, E.I.T., Design Engineer
John Christensen, P.L.S., Topography, boundary surveying, construction staking
Aspect Consulting, Erik Andersen, P.E.

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