Standpipe Replacement

Owner: Three Lakes Water Association

Client: Don Kemmis, Manager

In 1964 the Three Lakes Water Association was formed to provide service to 125 customers. A single steel standpipe was constructed to provide storage for the Association. In 1988 a second standpipe was constructed adjacent to the original. The two existing standpipes were connected by an intermediate pipe that ran from the top of the shorter standpipe which eliminated free board in the shorter standpipe.

Due to population growth, deterioration and undesirable configuration of the original tanks and demand for increased storage capacity, the Association secured funding for the construction of a new standpipe. This standpipe replaced the existing tanks, allowing their removal once the replacement tank was operational. The new standpipe is 100-feet tall and 20-feet in diameter, constructed of welded steel and provides 228,000 gallons of storage and minimum 30 psi to all Association customers during normal conditions.

The standpipe is sized to provide additional storage for a multi-source water system and to accommo-date estimated buildout conditions per the Association’s 2005 Comprehensive Water Service Plan. CHS Engineers assisted the Association in securing funding, permitting, preparing plans and specifications, construction management for the standpipe replacement and related site improvement, including: control panel and telemetry design, valve and pipe additions and modifications, standby generator relocation, storm drainage facilities, fencing, parking, boundary line adjustment and provisions for a future on-site office building. The following permits were acquired: SEPA, Snohomish County Conditional Use Permit, including targeted drainage review, right-of-way permit, building permit and DOH project approval.

Construction Cost:
Engineer’s Estimate $719,436  |  Construction Cost $783,456
Public Works Board Drinking Water State Revolving Fund

Funding 2007
Survey and Preliminary Permitting 2007-2008
Design and Permitting 2009-2010
Construction 2010-2011
CHS Staff:
Rodney Langer, P.E., Project Manager
Eli Zehner, P.E., Project Engineer
Josh Korakis, CAD Technician
Bob Casne, P.E., Electrical Engineer
Jeff Gilliland, P.E., Structural Engineer

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