Vasa Creek Culvert Lining

Owner: City of Bellevue Utilities Department

Client: Vanaja Rajah, P.E.

CHS provided pre-design, design, inspection, surveying, permitting services and shop drawing review for the City of Bellevue Utilities Department to line approximately 120 linear feet of existing deteriorating 48-inch diameter corrugated metal pipe culvert conveying flow for Vasa Creek. The existing culvert provided conveyance for the projected peak flow of 107 cubic feet per second in Vasa Creek. CHS obtained permits from the City of Bellevue, King County Department of Development and Environmental Services, the US Army Corps of Engineers, Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Washington State Department of Ecology. CHS designed the temporary stream diversion required to line the existing culvert with a cured-in-place pipe liner. Temporary rights-of-entry were obtained from Bellevue School District to allow access to the culvert on school district property. The design, permitting and bidding was completed within a three-month window to allow the failing culvert to be repaired within the fish window and prior to school beginning in the fall. The invert of the culvert was repaired using sections of corrugated metal pipe. After repairing the invert, urethane and cementitious grout was injected around the outside of the culvert. Following completion of the grout work, a 48-inch diameter, 120-foot long section of cured-in-place pipe liner was pulled into place and cured using a steam air mixture.

Construction cost was approximately $426,000.

Design 2011, Construction 2011
CHS Staff:
Evan Henke, P.E., Principal-in-Charge
Darrel Frame, P.E., Project Manager

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